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Global Music Series

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Welcome to the companion web site for the Global Music Series, edited by Bonnie C. Wade and Patricia Shehan Campbell. On this site you will find a number of resources designed to aid in both the teaching and studying of the world's musical cultures.

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Intertribal native Ameican Music in the United States, by John-Carlos Perea Thinking Musically, Third Edition, by Bonnie C. Wade Music in Mexico, by Alejandro L. Madrid Music in Korea, by Donna Lee Kwon
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Music in Pacific Island Cultures, by Brian Diettrich Music in Turkey, by Eliot Bates Music in the Hispanic Caribbean, by Robin Moore
Music in Mainland Southeast Asia, by Gavin Douglas

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Music in the Andes, by Thomas Turino Music in China, by Frederick Lau Native American Music in Eastern North America, by Beverley Diamond Music in Central Java, by Benjamin Brinner
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Music in Egypt, by Scott Marcus Teaching Music Globally, by Patricia Shehan Campbell Carnival Music in Trinidad, by Shannon Dudley Music in Bulgaria, by Timothy Rice
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Music in North India, by George Ruckert Music in South India, by T. Viswanathan and Matthew Harp Allen Music in East Africa, by Gregory Barz Music in Bali, by Lisa Gold
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Music in Ireland, by Dorothea E. Hast and Stanley Scott Music in West Africa, by Ruth M. Stone Music in America, by Adelaida Reyes Music in Japan, by Bonnie C. Wade
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Music in Brazil, by John Murphy Mariachi Music in America, by Daniel Sheehy Music in Portugal and Spain, by Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco and Susana Moreno Fern├índez  

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