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Word Search

Instructions: Use the definitions below to discover the correct term and then find the term in the puzzle.


  1. An employee of a private, for-profit company that provides money for suspects to be released from jail. Also called a bondsman.

  2. An officer appointed by the court to protect the interests of the child and to act as a liaison among the child, the child’s family, the court, and any other agency involved with the child.

  3. The primary administrative officer of each court who manages non-judicial functions.

  4. An officer responsible for the mechanical necessities of the court, such as scheduling courtrooms, managing case flow, administering personnel, procuring furniture, and preparing budgets.

  5. A court officer who records and transcribes an official verbatim record of the legal proceedings of the court.

  6. The final determination of a case or other matter by a court or other judicial entity.

  7. A term describing how similar cases have been settled by a given set of judges, prosecutors, and attorneys.

  8. A judicial nominating commission presents a list of candidates to the governor, who decides on a candidate. After a year in office, voters decide on whether to retain the judge. Judges must run for such re-election each term. Also called merit selection.

  9. A compromise reached by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, and the prosecutor in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest in return for a reduction of the charges’ severity, dismissal of some charges, further information about the offense or about others involved in it, or the prosecutor’s agreement to recommend a desired sentence.


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