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Word Search

Instructions: Use the definitions below to discover the correct term and then find the term in the puzzle.


  1. A short-term prison that uses military boot-camp training and discipline techniques to rehabilitate offenders; often used for young offenders.

  2. The time deducted from an inmate’s prison sentence for good behavior.

  3. A secure facility that typically holds arrestees, criminal suspects, and inmates serving sentences less than a year.

  4. A personal status that overwhelms all others.

  5. Time deducted from an inmate’s sentence for doing something special or extra, such as getting a GED.

  6. When criminal justice programs pull more clients into the system than would otherwise be involved without the program.

  7. The report prepared by a probation officer to assist a judge in sentencing; also called a pre-sentence report.

  8. A form of probation supervision that is contracted to for-profit private agencies by the state.

  9. Continuing to break the criminal law and returning to the criminal justice system after being processed for other offenses in past.

  10. The practice of sentencing offenders to prison, allowing them to serve a short time, and then granting them probation without their prior knowledge.


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