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  1. With a special trap, Hephaestus caught his wife, Aphrodite, in bed with:
      a. Apollo
      b. Ares
      c. Zeus
      d. Poseidon
  2. The Fates are offspring of Zeus and:
      a. Eurynome
      b. Thetis
      c. Themis
      d. Hebe
  3. Who are the parents of the race of Centaurs?
      a. Centaurus and the mares of Mt. Pelion
      b. Centaurus and Nephele
      c. a cloud, Nephele, and Ixion
      d. Philyra and Pegasus
  4. What Lapith man was once a girl?
      a. PerithoĆ¼s
      b. Caeneus
      c. Chiron
      d. Eioneus
  5. The Trojan youth snatched up to Olympus by Zeus to be the gods' cupbearer is:
      a. Dionysus
      b. Eros
      c. Ganymede
      d. Actaeon
  6. Another name for the Fates is:
      a. the Graeae
      b. the Moirai
      c. the Erinyes
      d. the Horae
  7. Ares was known to the Romans as:
      a. Pluto
      b. Mercury
      c. Vulcan
      d. Mars
  8. The Muses are the children of Zeus and Mnemosyne, whose name means:
      a. poetry
      b. necessity
      c. memory
      d. dance
  9. Ares' cult partner was:
      a. Aphrodite
      b. Hera
      c. Athena
      d. Hebe
  10. Which bird is sacred to Hera?
      a. the eagle
      b. the peacock
      c. the dove
      d. the raven
  11. Which statement is not true of Hephaestus?
      a. He worked in a forge.
      b. He was cast down to earth.
      c. His wife was the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
      d. Samos, the island where he landed, was the site of an important sanctuary of Hephaestus.
  12. Which of the following is not a child of Zeus and Hera?
      a. Eileithyia
      b. Hebe
      c. Hephaestus
      d. Ganymede
  13. Zeus' chief sanctuary is at:
      a. Dodona
      b. Delphi
      c. Olympia
      d. Athens
  14. Who was the prophet gifted with understanding the speech of animals?
      a. Bias
      b. Melampus
      c. AmphiaraĆ¼s
      d. Trophonius
  15. Who is the goddess of the hearth?
      a. Demeter
      b. Hera
      c. Hestia
      d. Rhea
  16. Hebe is the goddess of:
      a. sport
      b. youthful bloom
      c. the hearth
      d. the rainbow
  17. Which cannot be considered an offspring of Zeus and Themis?
      a. Calliope
      b. Lachesis
      c. Eunomia
      d. Eirene
  18. What is the Roman name for the Fates?
      a. Moirai
      b. Parcae
      c. Erinyes
      d. Graiai
  19. In the tale of the adultery of Ares and Aphrodite in the Odyssey, what god boasts he would endure any number of shackles to lie with Aphrodite?
      a. Apollo
      b. Poseidon
      c. Hermes
      d. Zeus
  20. With what river does Hephaestus do battle in the Iliad?
      a. Ilissus
      b. Scamander
      c. Nile
      d. Meander
  21. What is the etymological root of Zeus' name?
      a. "bright"
      b. "sky"
      c. "father"
      d. "god"
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