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  1. Theseus died:
      a. in great honor while sitting on the throne of Athens
      b. after eating raw oysters
      c. in exile
      d. when part of his ship fell on his head
  2. The Aegean Sea is named for King Aegeus because Aegeus:
      a. buried his son there
      b. was king of the land next to the sea
      c. was such a great sailor
      d. killed himself there
  3. How did Minos discover Daedalus' whereabouts?
      a. by a ruse involving a spiral shell
      b. by tracking down the place where Icarus fell into the sea
      c. using a vat of honey
      d. by carrying along a labrys
  4. The "wicked stepmother" who tried to kill Theseus when he arrived in Athens was:
      a. Medea
      b. Hippolyta
      c. Thespia
      d. Antiope
  5. The Labyrinth that housed the Minotaur was built by:
      a. Daedalus
      b. Icarus
      c. Minos
      d. Ariadne
  6. The Minotaur was the offspring of:
      a. Cecrops and Erichthonius
      b. Minos and Pasiphaë
      c. Pasiphaë and the bull of Poseidon
      d. Aegeus and Medea
  7. Why was Poseidon angry with Minos?
      a. Because he married Pasiphaë.
      b. Because he did not sacrifice the bull sent to him.
      c. Because he challenged Theseus.
      d. Because he hated the Minoans.
  8. Who was the last king of Athens?
      a. Demophon
      b. Theseus
      c. Erechtheus
      d. Codrus
  9. In the years following the Persian Wars of the first quarter of the fifth century B.C.E., the Athenian Cimon was instructed by the Delphic oracle:
      a. to restore the bones of Theseus to their city
      b. to destroy all statues of Theseus
      c. that Theseus was actually a son of Zeus
      d. to build a colosseum to Theseus
  10. What was the fate of Perithoüs?
      a. He was chained to a rock and his liver was eaten by vultures.
      b. He was bound to a fiery wheel for eternity.
      c. He was fixed to a magic chair forever.
      d. He was thrown in a pit and devoured by wild animals.
  11. Theseus joined Heracles in his battle with:
      a. the Lapiths
      b. the Centaurs
      c. the Giants
      d. the Amazons
  12. Who rescued Ariadne from the island of Naxos?
      a. Theseus
      b. Dionysus
      c. Poseidon
      d. Heracles
  13. Theseus was recognized by his father when he:
      a. cut his meat with the sword his father had given him
      b. killed the bull at Marathon
      c. showed the scar on his leg
      d. stood up in an assembly and claimed his right to be king
  14. What god is said to be the father of Theseus?
      a. Poseidon
      b. Apollo
      c. Zeus
      d. Hades
  15. How did Procrustes terrorize travelers?
      a. He compelled them to engage in a wrestling match with him.
      b. He compelled them to wash his feet, and when they had bent down he kicked them off the cliff.
      c. He compelled them to lie on his bed. If they were too long, he would cut them down to size, if too short, hammer them to fit.
      d. He compelled them to answer a riddle. If they couldn't answer correctly, he would have them for lunch.
  16. The North Wind was the father of Zetes and Calaïs. What is his name?
      a. Erechtheus
      b. Zephyrus
      c. Tereus
      d. Boreas
  17. Who was violated by Tereus and had her tongue cut out to silence her?
      a. Procne
      b. Philomela
      c. Procris
      d. Itys
  18. Cephalus accidentally killed his wife, whose name was:
      a. Procris
      b. Philomela
      c. Megara
      d. Baucis
  19. When the daughters of Cecrops looked into the box and saw Erichthonius, they:
      a. fell in love with him
      b. were turned into birds
      c. promised to save him
      d. went mad and killed themselves
  20. What legendary figure was credited with instituting the Panathenaea and setting up the cult image of Athena on the Acropolis?
      a. Cecrops
      b. Erechtheus
      c. Erichthonius
      d. Theseus
  21. Whom did Daedalus kill out of jealousy for his skill?
      a. Iphicles
      b. Perdix
      c. Icarus
      d. Codrus
  22. What son of Minos fell into a vat of honey and drowned?
      a. Deucalion
      b. Androgeos
      c. Glaucus
      d. Catreus
  23. Who was the son of Theseus who helped the children of Heracles?
      a. Codrus
      b. Demophon
      c. Cimon
      d. Hippolytus
  24. Who was the mother of Theseus?
      a. Creusa
      b. Phaedra
      c. Procris
      d. Aethra
  25. What brigand kicked travelers over a cliff and into the waiting jaws of a gigantic turtle?
      a. Cercyon
      b. Corynetes
      c. Sciron
      d. Periphetes
  26. What daughter of Erectheus was loved by Boreas?
      a. Orithyia
      b. Cleopatra
      c. Creusa
      d. Philomela
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