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Exercise 6: Writing Challenging Obituaries

INSTRUCTIONS:  Write an obituary from the information provided below. As you work on the obituary, you will find it involves several unusual problems. Write the obituary in Associated Press style and correct any errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Obituary:  Wesley Saleeby

FULL NAME: Wesley Saleeby

ADDRESS: 1916 Elizabeth Lane

AGE: 58

TIME OF DEATH: Last evening

PLACE OF DEATH: Memorial Hospital

CAUSE OF DEATH: Cirrhosis of the liver

TIME OF FUNERAL: 2 p.m. Sunday

PLACE OF FUNERAL: Gramkow Funeral Home Chapel with visitation from 7-9 pm Friday and 3-5 pm Saturda

PLACE OF BURIAL: Oaklawn Cemetery immediately after the funeral services.

OFFICIATING CLERGY: Reverend Stuart Adler


PREVIOUS RESIDENCES: None.  He was a lifelong resident of the city.  Also, he and wife have lived in their home at 1916 Elizabeth Lane for 36 years

OCCUPATION: Retired police chief.  He served in the city's police department 23 years before the City Council promoted him to the rank of chief at the age of 47.  He served as chief for 4 years, then retired.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Grant Elementary School and Central High School.  Attended numerous law enforcement workshops but never attended or graduated from college.

MEMBERSHIPS: The Kiwanis Club.  Eastside Bowling League.  Masonic Lodge 240.  Associated Masons.  Post 82 of the American Legion.  Volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels.

SURVIVORS: Wife, Olivida Gray Saleeby.  Son, Edward Saleeby of Washington, D.C.  Sisters:  Kathy Saleeby Vermell of 1010 Vermont Avenue and Julie Anne Saleeby Stevens of 624 N. 3rd Street. Two brothers, John of 626 N. Third Street and Henry of 84 Sunnyvale Road.

COMMENTS: "His loved his work," his wife said.  "He really loved it.  He wanted to help people, and, oh, it was so exciting for him.  He really enjoyed helping people in trouble, and then he was made chief.  I was so proud of him."

LIBRARY FILE: News stories published years earlier and stored in your newspaper's library reported that he was fired from his position as the city's chief of police after members of the City Council concluded that his apparently heavy drinking, including at least two instances in which he was reported to have appeared in public in a drunken state, made his removal from office an immediate necessity, although he always vigorously denied all the allegations against him.


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