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Welcome to the companion website for Computational Thinking in Sound: Teaching the Art and Science of Music and Technology, by Gena Greher and Jesse Heines. This site provides material to complement the examples printed in the book, including: pictures, videos, recordings of student work, teaching materials, skill inventories, and grading spreadsheets.

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A Note on Running the Examples

The examples in this book were developed in Scratch version 1.4. They run in the updated version 2.0, but not as well as in 1.4 due to the web-based nature of the new version. We therefore recommend that you run them in Scratch version 1.4.

Scratch version 1.4 is freely downloadable from scratch.mit.edu/scratch_1.4. This version runs as a stand-alone application on Mac OS X (version 10.4 or later), virtually all versions of Windows, and Ubuntu. Version 2.0 runs directly from the Web in standard browsers. Please note that neither version of Scratch runs on iPads.

It is also critical that Scratch be run in Turbo mode when generating music, regardless of which version you use. You enable Turbo mode through the Edit menu. Please see the text for further details on Turbo mode.

Setting Turbo Mode in Scratch 1.4


Setting Turbo Mode in Scratch 2.0


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