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J. David Velleman, "So it Goes"

  1. What are two conceptions of how objects persist through time?
      a. Persistence and resistance
      b. Perdurance and endurance
      c. Extension and intension
      d. Persistence and existence
  2. Because of how Billy Pilgrim and the Tralfamadorians handle death, they implicitly accept which theory of time?
      a. Eternalism
      b. Presentism
      c. Temporalism
      d. Atemporalism
  3. What is Velleman's main objection to presentism?
      a. It implies that the present is more important than the past and the future.
      b. It can't explain what grounds the truth of past facts.
      c. It can't explain persistence and the passage of time.
      d. It is inconsistent with the possibility of an enduring self suffering.
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