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Gilbert Ryle, "Descartes's Myth"

  1. Which of the following is Ryle's disparaging name for what he calls "the official doctrine"?
      a. The dogma of the Unmoved Mover
      b. The dogma of Immanent Causation
      c. The dogma of the Ghost in the Machine
      d. The dogma of the Evil Demon Deceiver
  2. According to Ryle, the misunderstanding of which of the following phrases leads us to accept the official doctrine?
      a. There occur mental processes.
      b. There occur physical processes.
      c. There is a distinction between mind and body.
      d. There are other minds.
  3. Which of the following phrases exhibits a category mistake?
      a. The sky is green.
      b. Unicorns have one horn.
      c. My table is in pain.
      d. Sherlock Holmes is a detective.
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