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Plato, "Apology: Defence of Socrates"

  1. According to Socrates, why does he go around examining the people of Athens?
      a. Because he is obeying the god
      b. Because he hopes to earn a good reputation
      c. Because he needs to earn money
      d. Because his pupil Plato encourages him to teach others
  2. Besides impiety, what else is Socrates charged with?
      a. Annoying the elders
      b. Refuting the priests
      c. Corrupting the youth
      d. Betraying the city
  3. Why is Socrates unafraid of death?
      a. Because he doesn’t believe in an afterlife
      b. Because he doesn’t know whether it will be bad, but he does know that it is bad to abandon his calling to philosophy, and he would rather act justly
      c. Because he is confident that he will go to heaven
      d. Because he thinks that there is no such thing as death
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