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Derek Parfit, "Personal Identity"

  1. What is the most neutral way to describe what happens in Parfit's case of fission?
      a. Someone's brain is split and put into two bodies.
      b. Someone becomes two people.
      c. Someone loses a body and gains two new bodies.
      d. Someone's body divides in two.
  2. Which of the following is NOT a possibility for what happens to the person who undergoes fission?
      a. He doesn't survive.
      b. He survives as one of the two people.
      c. He survives as both of the two people.
      d. He survives as neither of the two people.
  3. Parfit gives up talk about identity in favor of talk about what?
      a. Survival
      b. Genidentity
      c. Bodily Continuity
      d. Immanent Causation
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