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William Paley, "Natural Theology"

  1. What object does Paley appeal to in his argument that some things are just obviously designed?
      a. A human eye
      b. A horse
      c. A watch
      d. A printing press
  2. What is it about some human-made artifacts that leads Paley to conclude that they are obviously designed?
      a. They are made out of artificial materials.
      b. They are usually found near civilization.
      c. They couldn’t be used by non-human animals.
      d. They have parts that work together toward a purpose.
  3. With which of the following statements would Paley most likely agree?
      a. If the world appears designed, then like artifacts, it likely has a designer.
      b. If the world has a designer, then that designer is all-powerful.
      c. If God exists, then God must have designed the world.
      d. The series of designers cannot go back to infinity.
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