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Onora O'Neill, "Kantian Approaches to Some Famine Problems"

  1. Which formulation of the categorical imperative does O'Neill apply to some famine problems?
      a. The Formula of the Kingdom of Ends
      b. The Formula of the End in Itself
      c. The Formula of Universal Law
      d. The Formula of the Good Will
  2. Which of the following would count as treating someone as a mere means?
      a. Coercion
      b. Cooperation
      c. Obeying
      d. Respecting
  3. Which of the following actions is NOT prohibited on Kantian grounds, according to O'Neill?
      a. Trying to get more than your fair share of food
      b. Deceiving others
      c. Using coercion for political advantage
      d. Treating members of the famine-stricken population as ends
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