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Robert Nozick, "Justice and Entitlement"

  1. Which of the following is not a category of justice in holdings?
      a. Original acquisition in holdings
      b. Rectification of injustice in holdings
      c. Redistribution of holdings
      d. Transfer of holdings
  2. What is the term for a theory of distributive justice that takes into consideration facts about how the particular distribution came about?
      a. End-result theory
      b. Entitlement theory
      c. Historical theory
      d. Distributive theory
  3. According to Nozick, what does it mean to say that a theory of distributive justice is unpatterned?
      a. Which holdings belong to which people is purely an arbitrary matter.
      b. The distribution of holdings does not vary along some natural dimension.
      c. No one person can have a monopoly on holdings.
      d. Whether a distribution of holdings is just does not depend on facts about how the distribution came to be.
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