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Thomas Nagel, "The Absurd"

  1. Why does Nagel think that we shouldn't think life is absurd just because nothing we do now will matter in a million years?
      a. Because nothing that will be the case in a million years matters now.
      b. Because life on Earth won't exist for another million years.
      c. Because some things, like Shakespeare's plays, will matter in a million years.
      d. Because our descendants may be able to benefit in a million years from what we do now.
  2. According to Nagel, what makes life absurd?
      a. The fact that we are so small compared to the rest of the universe.
      b. The fact that we take our lives so seriously even though it can seem that we shouldn't.
      c. The fact that God doesn't exist, and if God doesn't exist, then life is absurd.
      d. The fact that we don't have free will even though we think we do.
  3. What does Nagel mean by the phrase sub specie aeternitatis?
      a. The eternal species
      b. From an eternal point of view
      c. Under a special lens
      d. With aesthetic pleasure
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