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Thomas Nagel, "War and Massacre"

  1. Nagel argues that according to utilitarianism, which of the following courses of action may be permissible?
      a. Killing innocent civilians in order to force surrender
      b. Killing innocent civilians unnecessarily
      c. Killing combatants even when they haven't engaged
      d. Killing combatants whenever one enounters them
  2. According to Nagel, which of the following may be permitted by absolutism, at least in some circumstances?
      a. Killing an innocent person
      b. Doing something that brings about an innocent person's death
      c. Dropping a nuclear bomb on an enemy city
      d. Torturing an innocent person
  3. To which of the following groups of people is hostility most appropriately aimed?
      a. Innocents
      b. Civilians
      c. Combatants
      d. Non-combatants
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