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John Stuart Mill, "The Subjection of Women"

  1. Why does Mill think it is absurd to make a law that only strong people can be blacksmiths?
      a. Because it would constitute discrimination against weak people
      b. Because the nature of the profession would naturally rule out there being weak blacksmiths
      c. Because strength has nothing to do with whether one is a good blacksmith
      d. Because who is allowed to be a blacksmith is not something that should fall under the purview of the government
  2. What does Mill think is wrong with the argument that we have discovered from past experience that a system of subordinating women is best?
      a. All the evidence points to exactly the opposite conclusion.
      b. The inherent superiority of women makes it unnatural to subordinate them.
      c. We've only known our current system, so we have no way to compare.
      d. We don't yet know enough about how well the system works to judge its merits.
  3. Why does Mill think that "the nature of women" is an artificial thing?
      a. Because it has been molded by the current system of subordination
      b. Because women are incapable of knowing what they truly want
      c. Because there has been no studies into the nature of women
      d. Because neither women nor men have a nature
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