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John Stuart Mill, "Utilitarianism"

  1. How does Mill define ‘happiness'?
      a. Doing what one wants to do
      b. Leading a fulfilling life
      c. Pleasure and the absence of pain
      d. Virtuous activity
  2. According to Mill, how can we tell that one pleasure is more valuable than another?
      a. By figuring out whether it is possible for a human being to experience the pleasure in question
      b. By asking those who have experienced both pleasures
      c. By applying Bentham's seven criteria to the pleasure in question
      d. By asking whether God is capable of experiencing the pleasure in question
  3. According to Mill, what is the source of the obligation to promote happiness?
      a. God's divine command
      b. The ultimate structure of the universe
      c. The conscientious feelings of humans
      d. The intrinsic value of happiness
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