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David Hume, "Of Scepticism with Regard to the Senses"

  1. Why does Hume think it is senseless to ask whether there is an external world?
      a. Because we clearly know that there is an external world
      b. Because the hypothesis that we are brains in a vat is too outlandish to be believed
      c. Because we must presuppose that there is an external world to reason about anything at all
      d. Because if there were no external world, we couldn’t talk or think about it
  2. According to Hume, what is the idea of distinct existence?
      a. The idea that the world is carved up into discrete bits of matter
      b. The idea that objects are independent of our perceptions
      c. The idea that when we perceive objects, we perceive them clearly and distinctly
      d. The idea that we can never see what the world really looks like
  3. According to Hume, what causes us to believe in the existence of an external world?
      a. Senses
      b. Memory
      c. Reason
      d. Imagination
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