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Alan Goldman, "Plain Sex"

  1. According to Goldman, to say that a sex act is perverse is to say that
      a. It is morally objectionable
      b. It is outside of the statistical norm
      c. It is disgusting
      d. It should be punished
  2. What kind of analysis of sex does Goldman reject?
      a. Desire-based
      b. Pleasure-oriented
      c. Biological
      d. Means-ends
  3. Which of the following is not an example of the mean-ends analysis of sex?
      a. Reflexive mutual recognition
      b. Love
      c. Reproduction
      d. Desire-based
  4. What is distinctive of means-end sex?
      a. It has a purpose.
      b. It is fun.
      c. It is commanded by God.
      d. It is meaningful.
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