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René Descartes, "Meditations on First Philosophy"

  1. At the end of Meditation I, what supposition does Descartes make?
      a. That nothing exists
      b. That he’s not justified in believing anything
      c. That there is an evil demon deceiving him about everything
      d. That there are alien life forms tampering with his brain
  2. According to Descartes, which of the following statements cannot be doubted?
      a. I have a body.
      b. I am an immaterial soul.
      c. An evil demon exists.
      d. I exist.
  3. Which of the following is one reason given in Meditation III for the conclusion that God exists?
      a. Descartes’ idea of God could not have come from Descartes.
      b. Descartes sees that the world appears to have been intelligently designed.
      c. Descartes finds himself with the belief that God exists and can’t get rid of it.
      d. Descartes’ faculty of reasoning functions well.
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