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G. A. Cohen, "Where the Action Is: On the Site of Distributive Justice"

  1. Which of Rawls' principles of justice does Cohen take issue with?
      a. The Equality Principle
      b. The Fairness Principle
      c. The Difference Principle
      d. The Reflective Principle
  2. What role do the so-called talented people play in the Rawlsian argument?
      a. They show how some inequality can be just.
      b. They show that contemporary society is filled with injustice.
      c. They show how it is impossible to ever reach a just distribution of goods.
      d. They show that the difference principle is false.
  3. According to Cohen, what follows if the so-called talented people don't endorse the difference principle?
      a. Their society is unjust.
      b. The talented people deserve rectification.
      c. The talented people ought to be punished.
      d. Wealth ought to be redistributed.
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