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Roderick M. Chisholm, "Human Freedom and the Self"

  1. Why does Chisholm think that responsibility is incompatible with an indeterministic view of human action?
      a. Because responsibility requires the truth of determinism.
      b. Because no one can be responsible for an uncaused event.
      c. Because the brain does not function indeterministically.
      d. Because any sort of causation is incompatible with responsibility.
  2. What is Chisholm's term for causation between two events?
      a. Immanent Causation
      b. Transeunt Causation
      c. Probabilistic Causation
      d. Agent Causation
  3. How does Chisholm respond to the objection that immanent causation doesn't appear to explain how ‘making A happen' differs from ‘doing A'?
      a. There is no need to explain the distinction between these two concepts.
      b. Even the opponent of immanent causation can't explain the distinction.
      c. The difference is that people never make things happen; they only do things.
      d. There are reasons to think that an adequate explanation could never be given.
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