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Albert Camus, "The Myth of Sisyphus"

  1. Which part of the myth of Sisyphus is Camus particularly interested in?
      a. When Sisyphus convinces the gods to let him return to Earth to chastise his wife
      b. When Sisyphus begins to push his rock up the hill
      c. When Sisyphus is walking back down the hill to retrieve his rock
      d. When Sisyphus gets crushed by the rock as it rolls back down the hill
  2. What attitude does Camus recommend Sisyphus take in order to surmount his punishment?
      a. Anger
      b. Apathy
      c. Scorn
      d. Irony
  3. According to Camus, what about the myth makes it tragic?
      a. The fact that Sisyphus is not doing anything productive
      b. The fact that Sisyphus is conscious
      c. The fact that Sisyphus doesn't know how useless his life is
      d. The fact that Sisyphus failed to obey the gods
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