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Bertrand Russell, "The Argument from Analogy for Other Minds"

  1. Why does Russell think that we need to accept an additional postulate to justify the inference to existence of other minds?
      a. Because science has shown that there are no other minds
      b. Because the only way to infer the existence of other minds is to use some particular religious worldview
      c. Because nothing in physics alone can tell us whether other minds exist
      d. Because additional postulates make the analogical reasoning stronger
  2. Which of the following statements is crucial to Russell’s argument from analogy?
      a. We know that our mental states cause our behavior.
      b. We know that we have a brain.
      c. We have never yet encountered a cadaver in an autopsy without a mind.
      d. We can infer the cause of other people’s behavior.
  3. When we infer that there are other minds, what sort of inference are we making?
      a. Deductive
      b. Scientific
      c. Probabilistic
      d. Logical
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