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Bertrand Russell, "Why I Am Not a Christian"

  1. What is one reason why Russell is dissatisfied with the First-Cause Argument?
      a. Russell thinks that not everything has a cause.
      b. Russell thinks that God would also need a cause.
      c. Russell thinks that nothing at all has a cause.
      d. Russell thinks that some being other than God is the first cause.
  2. What is one reason why Russell is dissatisfied with the Argument from Design?
      a. Russell thinks that nothing in the world appears to have been designed.
      b. Russell thinks that the designer wasn’t intelligent.
      c. Russell thinks that evolution has shown that humans adapt to their environment.
      d. Russell thinks that astronomy has shown that there are other parts of the universe that don’t appear to be designed.
  3. Which of the following questions does Russell think can be used to show the absurdity of the Moral Argument?
      a. Is the difference between good and evil dependent on human societies?
      b. Is there a difference between good and evil?
      c. How does God declare what is right and what is wrong?
      d. Is the difference between right and wrong due to God’s fiat or not?
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