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Betrand Russell, "The Value of Philosophy"

  1. According to Russell, the value of philosophy is to be sought in
      a. The truths about the world it reveals
      b. The effects it has on those who study it
      c. The lessons it teaches us about how to live a good life
      d. The power it has to persuade people
  2. Which of the following is NOT a valuable aspect of philosophy, according to Russell?
      a. It is a “good of the mind.”
      b. It helps keep alive speculative interest in the universe.
      c. It prevents dogmatism.
      d. It has achieved many positive results.
  3. Why does Russell think that the uncertainty of philosophy is a valuable thing?
      a. Because studying philosophy helps us realize that the world is puzzling
      b. Because studying philosophy forces us to think harder so as to achieve certainty
      c. Because studying philosophy teaches us to respect those who know more than we do
      d. Because studying philosophy encourages us to learn as much as we possibly can
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