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David M. Armstrong, "The Nature of Mind"

  1. According to Armstrong, what is the doctrine of materialism?
      a. The view that everything in the universe is made of matter
      b. The view that capitalistic society exploits the working class
      c. The view that we can give a complete account of humans in physico-chemical terms
      d. The view that we can't account for the existence of souls using science alone
  2. What does Armstrong think is wrong with behaviorism?
      a. It doesn't do justice to what's going on inside our heads.
      b. It hasn't produced any scientifically respectable results.
      c. It flies in the face of common sense thinking about the mind.
      d. It relies on a refuted conception of the scientific method.
  3. According to Armstrong's theory, what is a mental state?
      a. A state that describes the connection between body and soul
      b. A state that is apt for producing certain ranges of behavior
      c. A state that can be detected by using magnetic resonance imaging
      d. A state of which the subject is introspectively aware
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