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Saint Thomas Aquinas, "The Existence of God"

  1. How many ways does Aquinas think there are to prove the existence of God?
      a. 2
      b. 5
      c. 3
      d. 0
  2. Aquinas’ first way derives from facts about change. Which of the following facts is NOT relevant to that argument?
      a. Some things in the world change.
      b. Everything that changes is made to change by something else.
      c. There must be a first cause of change for there to be later changes.
      d. Everything that exists changes.
  3. Aquinas’ second way argues that the chain of efficient causes cannot go back to infinity, so there must be a first efficient cause. Which of the following is a key premise in this argument?
      a. Some things in the world change.
      b. Nothing can be the efficient cause of itself.
      c. Nothing can be efficiently caused by something else.
      d. There can’t be a last cause in the chain of efficient causes.
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