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Saint Anselm, "The Ontological Argument"

  1. Which of the following is the way that Anselm understands God?
      a. Something that can be conceived to be greater
      b. Something than which nothing greater can be conceived
      c. Something greater than everything that exists
      d. Something about which nothing greater can be said
  2. Anselm points out that we understand the phrase that describes God. What step does he use to get from this to the conclusion that God exists in the understanding?
      a. Anything that exists is something we understand.
      b. Nothing that doesn’t exist is understandable.
      c. Anything that we understand exists in the understanding.
      d. Anything that exists in the understanding can be articulated in words.
  3. What are the two ways of conceiving what Anselm distinguishes between?
      a. Conceiving of words that signify something vs. conceiving of the thing itself
      b. Conceiving of a way to describe God vs. conceiving of what God looks like
      c. Conceiving of something in our mind vs. conceiving of it in our hearts
      d. Conceiving of a picture of something vs. conceiving of its true nature
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