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Review Questions

  1. You are asked to present an informative speech but are not sure whether it should be driven by content or by purpose. What is the difference, and why does it matter?

  2. To avoid a stereotypically dry, dull documentary-style delivery in your informative speech, you want to create information hunger. What is that, and how can it be achieved?

  3. What are the benefits of including visual aids in an informative speech?

  4. A classmate approaches you with a dilemma. She has to present an informative speech on convection/microwave ovens and needs help in choosing visual aids. You recommend that she

    _____ tell about the first time she cooked popcorn in a microwave

    _____ cook enough popcorn for everyone in the class and pass it out

    _____ demonstrate how a convection/microwave  oven works

    _____ ask for everyone who does not own a microwave to raise their hand

    _____ make copies of the instruction manual and pass them around

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