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Student Resources

These student resources provide a variety of materials that can enrich your study of intercultural communication. Whether you aim to test, challenge, or develop your intercultural communication skills, you will find these resources to be an indispensable tool.


Welcome to the exciting world of the Interactive Student Study Guide (ISSG) to Understanding Intercultural Communication. The goal of the ISSG is to act as a supplemental resource to your textbook. In the ISSG, you will find a wealth of resources to help you to form good study habits and prepare you for the upcoming tests and exams in your intercultural communication class.

More specifically, this study guide has five objectives:

(1) To highlight for you what the authors think is most important in each chapter;

(2) To help you study for exams and tests in a more effective and efficient manner;

(3) To test your knowledge of key intercultural terms covered in the textbook;

(4) To call attention to the important special features and news in each chapter;

(5) To help you link concepts and ideas in each chapter with additional intercultural stories, critical incidents, and personal reflection questions and probes.

In each chapter, you will find the following special interactive features:

• A to-the-point section on the studying objectives of each chapter.

• A clearly designed outline to highlight what you should pay close attention to upon second reading of each chapter.

• A check-up section with cultural-literacy and self-assessment quizzes to reinforce your learning and curiosity concerning major concepts and special news in each chapter.

• A chapter-by-chapter glossary-matching quiz section to cross-test whether you have mastered the key definitional concepts.

• A chapter-by-chapter review quiz section with practice multiple-choice and true/false questions to prepare you for exams and in-class quizzes.

• A section on intercultural web surfing, which includes recommended websites and other resources to enhance your additional appreciation for the richness of the intercultural communication discipline.

• An intercultural tour corner with intercultural dialogues, stories, and critical incidents to help you make a tighter connection between conceptual learning and real-life intercultural experiences and applications.

• A class handouts section where you can download and print handouts to discuss in class.

We hope that you find this Interactive Student Study Guide useful. May your intercultural discovery journey begin with reading each chapter in the textbook carefully, and supplementing your reading with this study guide. We hope that you have a rewarding and meaningful intercultural learning experience this coming semester!

—Stella, Leeva, and Alex

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