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Chapter Quiz 2

  1. Citizen activist groups that try to represent what they deem to be the interests of the public at large are:
      a. Public interest groups
      b. Nonprofit organizations
      c. Religious organizations
      d. Public sector interest groups
  2. An independent organization that is organized for the sole purpose of contributing money to the campaigns of candidates who sympathize with its aims is known as a:
      a. 527 group
      b. Corporation
      c. Political action committee
      d. Labor union
  3. An organizations that may raise an unlimited amount of money for the purpose of making expenditures in favor of or against a candidate running for federal office is known as a:
      a. 527 group
      b. Corporation
      c. Super PAC
      d. Labor union
  4. Lobbying by members of an interest group to influence government is known as:
      a. Astroturf pressure
      b. Grassroots pressure
      c. Coalition building
      d. All of the above
  5. Interest groups employ all of the following tactics EXCEPT:
      a. Bribery
      b. Lobbying
      c. Electioneering
      d. Building coalitions
  6. What percentage of the workforce is directly or indirectly employed in agribusiness?
      a. 10%
      b. 20%
      c. 30%
      d. 40%
  7. A group that advocates solely in favor of higher pay for the president of the United States is an example of a(n) __________ group.
      a. economic
      b. single-issue
      c. multi-issue
      d. foreign nation
  8. Political action committees were invented by:
      a. Corporations
      b. Labor unions
      c. Public sector interest groups
      d. Professional organizations
  9. The highest number of PACs are categorized as:
      a. Nonconnected
      b. Trade, membership, and health
      c. Corporate
      d. Labor
  10. The tactic of bringing together diverse interest groups in a common lobbying effort is known as:
      a. Coalition building
      b. Grassroots pressure
      c. Astroturf pressure
      d. Electioneering
  11. If a labor union participates in the electoral process by providing services or raising campaign contributions, it is engaging in:
      a. Forming a political action committee
      b. Electioneering
      c. Influence peddling
      d. Coalition building
  12. If the Gun Owners of America group sues the federal government over the constitutionality of the Gun Control Act of 1968, it is engaging in:
      a. Electioneering
      b. Influence peddling
      c. Coalition building
      d. Litigation
  13. Lobbyists spend the least amount of time:
      a. Building legislative coalitions
      b. Preparing and testifying before Congress
      c. Providing and seeking information
      d. Lobbying legislators
  14. Which of the following is an example of a citizen activist interest group?
      a. NARAL Pro-Choice America
      b. The National Governors Association
      c. Amnesty International
      d. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  15. Lobbyists lose influence with members of Congress when they:
      a. Lie
      b. Give money to political opponents
      c. Never give money to candidates for federal office
      d. Litigate the constitutionality of laws instead of trying to get them changed through the legislative process
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