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Chapter Quiz 1

  1. The view of presidential power that contends that, as the only official elected by the entire nation, the president has the duty to take whatever action is necessary, so long as it is not specifically forbidden by the Constitution or law, is the:
      a. Literalist view
      b. Tribune view
      c. Stewardship view
      d. Whig view
  2. Executive privilege is the president's right to:
      a. Withhold information from Congress
      b. Refuse to spend money that has been appropriated
      c. Make nontreaty agreements with foreign countries
      d. Nominate judges and other major government officials
  3. The president's power to recognize the government of a foreign country:
      a. Requires a two-thirds vote for Senate ratification
      b. Requires no ratification or consultation
      c. Has largely been surpassed by the Senate's power
      d. Is now limited by the War Powers Resolution
  4. If in the last ten days of a congressional session the president fails to sign a bill, it:
      a. Becomes law
      b. Is held over until the next session
      c. Is treated as a rider
      d. Is automatically vetoed
  5. Which of the following members of the cabinet is most likely to be part of the inner cabinet?
      a. The Secretary of Veterans Affairs
      b. The Secretary of Defense
      c. The Secretary of Labor
      d. The Secretary of Agriculture
  6. When a president issues a regulation that has the effect of law, it is called an executive:
      a. Decree
      b. Order
      c. Privilege
      d. Recommendation
  7. The power of the vice president depends on:
      a. The duties assigned by the president
      b. A reading of the Constitution
      c. The party controlling the White House
      d. The management style (“wheel” or “pyramid”) of the president
  8. Influencing Congress requires that presidents use:
      a. A staff of lobbyists
      b. Personal appeals
      c. Party loyalty
      d. All of the above
  9. Those who believe that “if we could just get the right president, then all will be well” subscribe to the myth of the:
      a. All-powerful presidency
      b. Prerogative presidency
      c. Unilateral presidency
      d. Structural presidency
  10. George Washington established all of the following practices EXCEPT:
      a. Meeting with the cabinet
      b. Only holding office for two terms
      c. Broadly interpreting presidential power
      d. Extensively dealing with Congress
  11. During his time as president, Andrew Jackson:
      a. Regularly sought support from Congress for his programs
      b. Doubled the size of the United States
      c. Vetoed more acts of Congress than his predecessors combined
      d. All of the above
  12. All of the following are features of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency EXCEPT:
      a. Introducing fifteen major pieces of legislation within his first 100 days in office
      b. Involving the federal government in nearly every aspect of life
      c. Confronting the Great Depression
      d. Confronting World War I
  13. Concerns about the increased authority and decreased accountability of the presidency are known as the _________ presidency.
      a. imperial
      b. stewardship
      c. prerogative
      d. public
  14. When presidents engage in activities like entertaining foreign dignitaries and throwing out the first pitch at the beginning of baseball season, they are acting in their capacity as:
      a. Chief of state
      b. Chief executive
      c. Chief legislator
      d. Chief diplomat
  15. In ________, the Supreme Court ruled that presidents can claim executive privilege, but not when facing a criminal investigation.
      a. United States v. Nixon
      b. United States v. Clinton
      c. United States v. George W. Bush
      d. United States v. Andrew Johnson
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