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Key Concepts

Bicameral (p. 366)

Budget deficit (p. 383)

Budget sequestration (p. 387)

Budget surplus (p. 383)

Casework (p. 364)

Cloture (p. 377)

Conference committees (p. 371)

Continuing resolutions (p. 364)

Discretionary spending (p. 386)

Earmark (p. 361)

Entitlement programs (p. 386)

Entitlements (p. 363)

Filibuster (p. 353)

First concurrent budget resolution (p. 363)

Franking privilege (p. 360)

Gerrymandering (p. 359)

Home style (p. 361)

Joint committees (p. 371)

Legislative veto (p. 365)

Majority leader (p. 368)

Majority-minority districts (p. 358)

Mandatory spending (p. 386)

Minority leader (p. 368)

National debt (p. 383)

Party whips (p. 368)

Pork-barrel legislation (p. 361)

Select, or special, committees (p. 369)

Seniority system (p. 372)

Speaker of the House (p. 367)

Standing committees (p. 369)

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