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Grammar Exercise A.3

Select the best Greek translations of the following phrases.

  1. The small plow
      a. τὸ μικρὸν ἄροτρον.
      b. τὸ μακρὸν ἄροτρον.
      c. τὸ μικρὸν ἀγρόν.
      d. ὁ μικρὸς ἄροτρος.
  2. The hard work
      a. ὁ χαλεπὸς πόνος.
      b. ὁ χαλεπὸς πολύς.
      c. ὁ καλὸς πόνος.
      d. τὸ χαλεπὸν πόνος.
  3. The small house
      a. ὁ μακρὸς οἶκoς.
      b. τὸ μικρὸν οἶκoς.
      c. ὁ καλὸς οἶκoς.
      d. ὁ μικρὸς οἶκoς.
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