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Grammar Exercise A.2

Translate the following English phrases and words with the correct imperfect form of the Greek verb supplied.

  1. (Irregular Verbs) εἰμί: they were
      a. ἦν
      b. ἦσαν
      c. ἦμεν
      d. ἦτε
  2. (Irregular Augment) ὁράω: he/she was seeing
      a. ὥρας
      b. ἑωρᾶτο
      c. ὥρων
      d. ἑώρα
  3. (Irregular Augment) ἔχω: I used to have
      a. ἔξω
      b. ἔσχημαι
      c. εἶχον
      d. ἔξομαι
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