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Excel® Spreadsheets

These spreadsheet programs feature generators that create quasi-random problem sets and solutions in Excel®. In order to use these spreadsheets, you will need to have Excel® installed on your computer.

Simple and Compound Interest: Car Loan Problems

Nominal and Effective Interest Investment Problems

Annual Worth Analysis: Future Selection Problem

After Tax Analysis - Single Alternative: Quality improvement problems

After Tax Analysis - Multiple Alternatives: Facilities Problems

Annual Worth Analysis - Fixture Selection Problems

Benefit/Cost Ratio - Auto inspection problems

Benefit-Cost Analysis - Two Alternatives: Transportation problems

Capitalized Cost - Levee problems

Income Taxes - Corporate Taxation Problem

Net Cash Flow - Manufacturing Line Problems

Nominal and Effective Interest - Investment Problems

Expected Value - Manufacturing Line Problems

Future Worth - Retirement Plan Problems

Goal Seek - Investment Scam Problems

Indirect Cost Allocation - Product Pricing Problems

Simple and Compound Interest - Car Loan Problems

Internal-Rate-of-Return - Commercial Loan Problems

Rate-of-Return Analysis - 2 Alternatives: Flooring Problems

Rate-of-Return Analysis - Multiple Alternatives: Mold Design Problems

Payment Period Less than Compounding Period - New Equipment Problems

Depreciation and Book Value - MACRS Problems

Use of Multiple Factors - College Savings Plan Problems

Use of Multiple Factors - Rental Property Problems

Net Present Value Function - Total Software cost problems

Annual Worth - Building Expansion Problems

Present Worth - Software Upgrade Problems

Present Worth Analysis - Lift Truck Problems

Present Worth Analysis - Unequal Years: Scanning Systems Problems

Replacement Analysis - Furnace Selection Problems

Sensitivity Analysis - Delivery Van Problems

Payment Period Greater than Compounding Period - Investment Problems

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