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“Taking Stock, Taking Action”

  1. Income taxes tend to be progressive – the more income you have the higher the percentage of taxes you pay. User fees by contrast are regressive – and disproportionately affect poor people and many people of color who have less disposable income. What flat fees exist at your college or in your community? Should this funding be on a sliding scale or provided by other means?
  2. The National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media (NCRSM) and the American Indian Movement (AIM) oppose the appropriation of Native American names and symbols by sports teams. According to NCRSM, these teams’ mascots invoke racist stereotypes and parody Indian practices for entertainment and profit. Should you oppose the use of Native American mascots by sports teams?
  3. If you do an Internet search for “Youtube” and “costs of racial color blindness” you will find a five minute video about a version of the game Guess Who? Watch the video and play the game. What do the exercise and the experiment conducted by Norton suggest about talking about race? How can we talk about race in a productive way?

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