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Chapter 12 : New Media, New Festival Worlds -Fabian Holt

Web Figure 12.1: Road signs to festival areas and to popular destinations around the world, including Rome and Ibiza. The signs illustrate how the visual brand and the destination festival identity are implemented in the festival design, with elements of humor and fantasy. Photo by author.

Web Figure 12.2: Disney-esque arches on a path, displaying the motto “Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is mystery.” Photo by author.

Web Figures 12.3 to 12.9 are a series of screen shots from the Tomorrowland 2011 after-movie, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7CdTAiaLes, August 29, 2011, accessed November 3, 2015, which presents the festival as an emotional journey.

Web Figure 12.3: Pre-modern fairy tale book. The video begins with this image and a voice-over suggesting that the festival has mythical origins in a magical, spiritual world of a distant past.

Web Figure 12.4: Image from garden scene. The garden scene with close-up photos of flowers in vivid colors, with humid leaves, appeal to sensory, paradisic pleasures.

Web Figure 12.5: Woman in soft light. One of the core motifs in the after-movie is “pretty women” in a state of mild sensuous pleasure, invoking inner joy and satisfaction with a soft smile. One of the marketers said that they deliberately tried to bring footage of “all the most beautiful girls” into the movie.

Web Figure 12.6: A group of friends. See caption to Web Figure 12.5.

Web Figure 12.7: The Swedish House Mafia in the DJ booth on the main stage. DJs do not dominate the movie and are framed in the role of contributors to the party. This particular festival performance by Swedish House Mafia marked the peak not only of the band’s career but also of the festivals and the EDM pop culture in general.

Web Figure 12.8: David Guetta on Tomorrowland TV. ID&T had its own online live television channel during the festival, and the footage included interviews with DJs, often about their experience of the festival atmosphere.

Web Figure 12.9: Crowd formation. During the festival it is common that audiences organize themselves into various formations known from soccer culture, ranging from large groups of friends posing as a class or a team to acrobatic formations such as the one in this image.

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