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Welcome to the Companion Website for Music and the Broadcast Experience: Performance, Production, and Audiences! It contains a wealth of material to illustrate and enhance many of the chapters in the book.

This material includes a wide range of video and other materials for chapters on television shows, comprising the 1952 series Meet the Masters (discussed in Chapter 3 by Shawn VanCour), the late 1960s BBC science fiction series Out of the Unknown (discussed in Chapter 4 by Louis Niebur), the talk show The Mike Douglas Show from 1972 (discussed by Norma Coates in Chapter 9), and the 2012 musical theatre reality TV show Over the Rainbow (discussed in Chapter 5 by Christine Quail).

It also includes audio from BBC concert broadcasts (discussed in Chapter 1 by Jenny Doctor), a wide range of images from the Tomorrowland music festival (discussed by Fabian Holt in Chapter 12), and a number of web links for YouTube worship videos (discussed by Monique Ingalls in Chapter 13).

We encourage you to listen, watch, and view these materials as you read the book.

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