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When you adopt Of the People, Oxford University Press will partner with you and make available its best supplemental materials and resources for your classroom. Listed here are several supplements of high interest, and you will want to talk with your Oxford Sales Representative to learn more about what can be made available for your course.


Student Companion Website:
The open-access Online Study Center designed specifically for Of the People helps students to review what they have learned from the textbook as well as explore other resources online. Note-taking guides help students focus their attention in class, while interactive practice quizzes allow them to assess their knowledge of a topic before a test.

American National Biography Online—Free subscription!
Students who purchase a new copy of Of the People will find an access code for a six-month (Volumes 1 or 2) or a one-year free subscription (complete volume) to this powerful online resource, which offers portraits of more than 17,400 women and men—from all eras and walks of life—whose lives have shaped the nation.

The following three items listed below are free when packaged with the book:

Our Documents: 100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives brings documents to life, including facsimiles side-by side with transcripts for students to explore; explanations and a foreword are provided by Michael Beschloss.

(978-0-19-973533-4) Of the People, Complete Edition +
Our Documents package
(978-0-19-973527-3) Of the People, Volume 1 +
Our Documents package
(978-0-19-973530-3) Of the People, Volume 2 +
Our Documents package

Writing History, Third Edition, by William Kelleher Storey. Bringing together practical methods from both history and composition, Writing History provides a wealth of tips and advice to help students research and write essays for history classes.

(978-0-19-973534-1) Of the People, Complete Edition +
Writing History, 3e package
(978-0-19-973528-0) Of the People, Volume 1 +
Writing History, 3e package
(978-0-19-973531-0) Of the People, Volume 2 +
Writing History, 3e package

The Information-Literate Historian: A Guide to Research for History Students by Jenny Presnell. This is the only book specifically designed to teach today's history students how to most successfully select and use sources—primary, secondary, and electronic—to carry out and present their research.

(978-0-19-973535-8) Of the People, Complete Edition +
The Information-Literate Historian package
(978-0-19-973529-7) Of the People, Volume 1 +
The Information-Literate Historian package
(978-0-19-973532-7) Of the People, Volume 2 +
The Information-Literate Historian package

Oxford University Press publishes a full library of other texts, primary sources, and readers available for packaging. Contact your Oxford Sales Representative at 800-280-0280 for more information.


Instructor's Manual & Testbank. Contains useful teaching tools for experienced and first-time teachers alike. This extensive manual and testbank contains: Sample Syllabi, Chapter Outlines, In-Class Discussion Questions, Lecture Ideas, Oxford's Further Reading List, Quizzes (two per chapter, one per half of the chapter, content divided somewhat evenly down the middle of the chapter, thirty multiple-choice questions each), and Tests (two per chapter, each covering the entire chapter contents, each offers ten identification/matching; ten multiple-choice; five short-answer, and two essay questions).

Instructor's Resource CD. This handy CD-ROM contains everything you need in an electronic format—the Instructor's Manual (PDF), PowerPoint Slides (fully customizable), Image Library with PDF versions of all 120 maps from the textbook, and a Computerized Testbank. A complete Course Management cartridge is also available to qualified adopters.

Both the Instructor's Manual & Testbank and Resource CD can be made available to adopters upon request.

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