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Advance Praise

What your colleagues are saying . . .

"Of the People promises to emerge as one of the leading American history textbooks on the market. The authors have succeeded admirably in providing students with a well-written and comprehensive overview of American history, integrating the theme of 'American democracy' throughout the text and incorporating such innovative features as 'American Landscapes' and 'America and the World.'"
—Lloyd Ray Gunn, University of Utah

"I like both the fact of having an overarching theme and of having American democracy be that theme. Students tend to have a simplistic view of what American democracy means, and the presentation of it in this text will complicate it. The authors treat the theme more implicitly and subtly than explicitly, which will be fine either in the case that the professor does not wish to highlight it, or if the professor will choose to assist students in identifying how the theme functions in each chapter."
—Anne Foster, Indiana State University

"Of the People centers its narrative of U.S. history on competing and multiple notions of American democracy. It is an exciting and innovative approach that will be a welcome option for me and, I imagine, many others who teach the survey."
—Luis Alvarez, University of California–San Diego

"A crisp, well written thematic textbook which has many of the best qualities of The Great Republic (the gold standard of textbooks), but it is much more accessible."
—W. Fitzhugh Brundage, UNC–Chapel Hill

"Of the People is a well-rounded and carefully considered synthesis of American history that challenge readers on their conventional views of the material. Well written and laid out, I would recommend this text for any survey course."
—Tim Garvin, University of California–Long Beach

"A reliable textbook in all parts, and in some—the chapter on slavery, for example—the best I've seen."
˜Catherine O'Donnell Kaplan, Arizona State University

"Of the People presents American history as both an art, a narrative story of great interest—and as a science, an enterprise that comes from questions and the search for answers in the documents of the past. Students, in other words, might actually enjoy reading for class and come prepared with their own questions . . . I think this text approaches the material in a way that will encourage such an outcome."
—Suzanne Cooper Guasco, Queens University of Charlotte

"The chapter openers are wonderful! I would use them as a way to get students to frame the issues and questions that are developed in the chapter. Of the three I read—Rolfe, Maclay, and Ruffin—all were very well done. I applaud those choices because they bring to life individuals whose actions exemplify the larger issues under consideration. The portraits breathe life into these figures and make them more human."
—Vincent L. Toscano, Nova Southeastern University

"I was very impressed by the quality of that material, as well as the other review material at the end of the chapter. I liked the 'Common Threads' feature very much. I ask my students fairly broad questions on my exams; I think these questions would be very useful to students in preparing for that kind of exam."
—Melissa Estes Blair, University of Georgia

"Of the People is similar to the book I am currently using, but the vignettes are vastly superior in this book, and the prose is generally more readable and has a much better flow. It's basically all of the good things about [my current textbook], but with better writing and far more useful features."
—Melissa Estes Blair, University of Georgia

"Of the People contains a strong synthesis, with good coverage of political events and business history, nice organization, and interesting features like the biographies in each chapter and the episodes about America's interaction with the rest of the globe. . . .There are useful timelines in each chapter and review questions to help students see the big picture. The writing is clear and makes often complex topics accessible to undergraduates."
—Sarah Elvins, University of Manitoba

"Of the People does an excellent job of translating recent scholarship into the early American history narrative, especially in terms of gender and social history."
—John Fea, Messiah College

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