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About the Concise Edition

We are very happy to present Of the People in this concise edition. At OUP, we know how important it is to offer teachers and students a choice of comprehensive and concise versions of a textbook. In preparing this concise edition, the authors and editors have tried especially to help those instructors who need to teach the survey in a short term, who wish to assign readings besides a textbook, or who want to save money for their students—without sacrificing the main advantages of the full edition. Put simply, we have cut size and cost, not quality.

To achieve our goal, we have re-focused Of the People as much as possible on the text itself. So, there are 75% fewer margin quotations and 60% fewer images than in the larger, comprehensive edition. Knowing how much our own students rely on good maps, we have eliminated only 15%. And we have reduced the full text itself by 15%. We have done that, not by cutting any basic points or arguments, but by trimming illustrative examples and streamlining our prose. As we came to realize, any authors who take the title of their book from Lincoln’s famously brief Gettysburg Address should be prepared to shorten their sentences! 

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