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  1. Who is not considered a possible father of Priapus?
      a. Hermes
      b. Cronus
      c. Pan
      d. Adonis
  2. What happened to the women of Cyprus?
      a. They became the first prostitutes.
      b. They were turned into stone.
      c. They were all slain.
      d. They were consigned to the Underworld for punishment.
  3. With what Phoenician goddess is Aphrodite often confused?
      a. Ishtar
      b. Cybele
      c. Astarte
      d. Myrrha
  4. Who is the mother of Attis?
      a. Cybele
      b. Aphrodite
      c. Astarte
      d. Nana
  5. By whom is Socrates instructed in the true nature of Eros?
      a. Diotima
      b. Apollo
      c. Aristophanes
      d. Eryximachus
  6. The daughter of Cinyras, who fell in love with her own father, was:
      a. Cenchreis
      b. Caenis
      c. Myrrha
      d. Eos
  7. Which goddess was worshiped by eunuch priests?
      a. Astarte
      b. Cybele
      c. Isis
      d. Rhea
  8. Which place is not associated with Aphrodite?
      a. Paphos
      b. Cythera
      c. Cyprus
      d. Crete
  9. Who is the ithyphallic son of Aphrodite who ensures prosperity and guards against thieves?
      a. Cupid
      b. Priapus
      c. Phallus
      d. Pan
  10. Which is not true of Adonis?
      a. He was Aphrodite's lover who was gored by a boar.
      b. He was the consort of Cybele who castrated himself.
      c. The anemone sprang from drops of his blood.
      d. He was compelled to remain in the Underworld with Persephone for a part of the year.
  11. Who was the mortal by whom Aphrodite conceived the Trojan Aeneas?
      a. Anchises
      b. Attis
      c. Adonis
      d. Pygmalion
  12. In what dialogue does Plato inquire into the nature of Eros?
      a. The Apology
      b. The Euthyphro
      c. The Symposium
      d. The Republic
  13. Who, in Plato, narrates the story of the three original sexes?
      a. Socrates
      b. Aristophanes
      c. Pausanias
      d. Agathon
  14. In the dialogue, Socrates claims to have learned about the true nature of Eros from:
      a. the goddess Aphrodite herself
      b. the god of love, Eros
      c. his own careful investigations
      d. a Mantinean woman named Diotima
  15. In what work do we find the tale of Cupid and Psyche?
      a. Apuleius' Metamorphoses
      b. Ovid's Metamorphoses
      c. Plato's Symposium
      d. Hesiod's Theogony
  16. Who was the famous poetess from Lesbos?
      a. Lesbia
      b. Sappho
      c. Polyhymnia
      d. Urania
  17. The Seasons (Horae) are children of Zeus and:
      a. Themis
      b. Gaia
      c. Metis
      d. Eurynome
  18. Some accounts say Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and:
      a. Hera
      b. Dione
      c. Hestia
      d. Rhea
  19. Pygmalion fell in love with:
      a. a statue of a woman
      b. a woman who had been turned into a cow
      c. his own reflection
      d. Aphrodite
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