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  1. Who is the younger brother of Heracles?
      a. Iphicles
      b. Iolaüs
      c. Nessus
      d. Electryon
  2. "Who wrote a ""tragicomedy"" around the conception of Heracles?"
      a. Homer
      b. Sophocles
      c. Euripides
      d. Plautus
  3. What Greek hero did Heracles rescue from the Underworld?
      a. Alcestis
      b. Prometheus
      c. Theseus
      d. Pirithoüs
  4. Who was the king of Oechalia with whom Heracles had a conflict?
      a. Alcyoneus
      b. Eurytus
      c. Laomedon
      d. Neleus
  5. Who aids Heracles in his self-immolation?
      a. Hyllus
      b. Ceyx
      c. Nessus
      d. Poeas
  6. Where is Heracles' traditional birthplace?
      a. Athens
      b. Sparta
      c. Crete
      d. Thebes
  7. Who were Heracles' real parents?
      a. Alcmena and Amphitryon
      b. Alcmena and Zeus
      c. Hera and Iphicles
      d. Hera and Zeus
  8. Which tutor did Heracles kill?
      a. "Linus, his music teacher"
      b. "Amphitryon, his chariot-driving instructor"
      c. "Autolycus, his wrestling coach"
      d. "Eurytus, his archery instructor"
  9. Heracles lay with the fifty daughters of:
      a. Danaüs
      b. Pontus
      c. Linus
      d. Thespius
  10. "Heracles was to serve Eurystheus for twelve years, during which her performed his twelve labors for what offense?"
      a. He had insulted Hera.
      b. He had tried to rob Eurystheus of his kingship.
      c. He had lied about his parentage.
      d. He had killed his wife and children in a mad rage.
  11. What is the Greek word for labor or contest?
      a. labores
      b. athloi
      c. parerga
      d. eurysthiae
  12. In which labor did Hercules face a huge crab and have the aid of Iolaus?
      a. the Cerynean hind
      b. the Erymanthian boar
      c. the Lernaean hydra
      d. the Stymphalian birds
  13. With which city is Heracles' legend not particularly associated?
      a. Athens
      b. Argos
      c. Mycenae
      d. Tiryns
  14. Who were the descendants of Heracles?
      a. the Teleboeans
      b. the Achaeans
      c. the Egyptians
      d. the Heraclidae
  15. The first of Heracles' twelve labors was the:
      a. Stymphalian birds
      b. Erymanthian boar
      c. Mares of Diomedes
      d. Nemean lion
  16. "Heracles spared the lives of the Cercopes, two mischievous dwarfs, because:"
      a. He didn't have the heart to kill those ill-matched for him.
      b. They made fun of his sunburnt behind and made him laugh.
      c. Zeus had commanded him to let them go.
      d. "He found out that they were, in fact, his cousins."
  17. Heracles missed the Argonaut expedition because:
      a. "He fell asleep, and when he awoke Jason had already set sail."
      b. He was afraid of sea travel.
      c. "He had eaten so much, he almost sank the ship."
      d. He lost track of time searching for his beloved Hylas.
  18. "By besting the river-god Acheloüs, Heracles won the hand of:"
      a. Iole
      b. Omphale
      c. Deïanira
      d. Oechalia
  19. "Heracles experienced ""death"" by which of the following?"
      a. "He had wounded Hera, so she killed him."
      b. "He had attempted to battle Apollo, and Zeus struck him with his thunderbolt."
      c. He was engulfed in flames from a blood-soaked robe and then burned on a pyre.
      d. He had tried to battle Hades himself and lost.
  20. Which is not one of Heracles' twelve labors?
      a. the killing of the Nemean lion
      b. the cleaning of the Augean stables
      c. the capture of Cerberus
      d. the slaughter of the giant Antaeus
  21. Who helped Heracles fetch the Apples of the Hesperides?
      a. Iolaus
      b. Atlas
      c. Nessus
      d. Chiron
  22. Nessus was:
      a. a dragon killed by Heracles
      b. one of Heracles' companions on the voyage of the Argonauts
      c. a centaur who plotted Heracles' death
      d. a servant of Heracles
  23. Omphale was:
      a. one of the Amazons
      b. the woman to whom Heracles was sold as a slave for one year
      c. the one who helped Heracles chase off the Stymphalian birds
      d. Heracles' first wife
  24. King Phylacus asked Melampus to:
      a. rid his country of a savage boar
      b. cure his son's impotence
      c. marry his daughter
      d. capture Pegasus
  25. "For the last of his twelve labors, Heracles had to:"
      a. kill Cerberus
      b. beat Cerberus in a footrace
      c. drag Cerberus from the Underworld
      d. answer a riddle posed by Cerberus
  26. Iole was:
      a. a woman with whom Heracles fell in love
      b. a boy who was raised as a girl
      c. a nine-headed serpent
      d. the mother of Iolaus
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