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  1. What was the greatest center in Greece for the worship of Hera?
      a. Argos
      b. Sparta
      c. Athens
      d. Thebes
  2. For whom did Perseus perform his task of slaying Medusa?
      a. Athena
      b. Acrisius
      c. Proetus
      d. Polydectes
  3. What is the Hippocrene?
      a. the bag used by Perseus
      b. the eye of the Graeae
      c. the fountain made by Pegasus
      d. the monster sent by Poseidon
  4. What arose from the Gorgon's blood falling upon the land of Libya?
      a. the Atlas Range
      b. snakes
      c. Pegasus
      d. Chrysaor
  5. Who accused Bellerophon of trying to seduce her?
      a. Phaedra
      b. Clytië
      c. Sthenoboea
      d. Laodamia
  6. For which Danaïd was a spring created near Argos?
      a. Hypermnestra
      b. Amymone
      c. Europa
      d. Io
  7. Who was the mother of Perseus?
      a. Europa
      b. Andromeda
      c. Danaë
      d. Hypermnestra
  8. How did Zeus seduce her?
      a. He locked her in a chest and wouldn't let her go until she said yes.
      b. He came to her as a shower of gold.
      c. He promised that she would bear a heroic son.
      d. He said that he would turn her into a Gorgon.
  9. "Perseus, in his efforts to kill the Gorgon, was given aid by all but one of the following:"
      a. the Graeae
      b. some nymphs
      c. Athena and Hermes
      d. Aphrodite and Poseidon
  10. What object was Perseus not given for his quest?
      a. "Bubo, Athena's owl"
      b. the Cap of Invisibility
      c. a scimitar
      d. "a bag, or kibisis"
  11. "In order to get information from the three sisters of the Gorgons, Perseus:"
      a. stole their magic wand
      b. stole their one eye and tooth
      c. threatened to do them bodily harm
      d. threatened to disclose the secret location of their lair
  12. What creature sprang from the beheaded trunk of the Gorgon?
      a. Scylla
      b. the Chimaera
      c. Pegasus
      d. the Hydra
  13. Whose hand did Perseus receive in marriage?
      a. Andromeda
      b. Cassiepea
      c. Io
      d. Danaë
  14. What is the fate of Acrisius?
      a. He is shown the head of Medusa and turned to stone.
      b. He is killed by the sea-monster sent by Poseidon.
      c. He escapes the prophecy by going into exile.
      d. He is killed by a misthrown discus.
  15. The man who fished Perseus and his mother out of the sea was:
      a. Polydectes
      b. Acrisius
      c. Iolaus
      d. Dictys
  16. An oracle told Acrisius that:
      a. his daughter was going to murder him
      b. his daughter would have a son who would kill him
      c. he was going to die on his return trip
      d. a man can't be called happy until he is dead
  17. Which is not true of the hero Bellerophon?
      a. He killed the monstrous Chimaera.
      b. He succeeded in mounting Pegasus but died trying to reach heaven.
      c. He did battle with the Solymi and Amazons.
      d. He slew the race of Centaurs.
  18. Athena was so taken by the wailing of the Gorgons for their dead sister that she:
      a. invented the flute to re-create the sound
      b. learned to mimic their sound with her own voice
      c. punished them regularly to make them cry
      d. always favored Perseus for having made them cry
  19. "According to the Perseus myth, the first coral was created when:"
      a. Medusa's head rested on some seaweed
      b. the other Gorgons tried to pursue Perseus
      c. Andromeda was sacrificed to the sea monster
      d. Perseus dropped Medusa's head into the sea
  20. Blood from the head of Medusa dripped on the Libyan desert and became:
      a. coral
      b. winged horses
      c. camels
      d. poisonous snakes
  21. The twin brother of Danaüs was named:
      a. Nauplius
      b. Aegyptus
      c. Argos
      d. Abas
  22. Bellerophon was sent away by King Proetus because:
      a. he had killed the king's son
      b. he was caught plotting to take over the kingdom
      c. an oracle said Proetus would not prosper as long as he sheltered Bellerophon
      d. the queen accused him of trying to seduce her
  23. Forty-nine of the fifty daughters of Danaüs:
      a. killed their husbands on their wedding night
      b. slept with Heracles on the same night
      c. were turned to stone
      d. tried to persuade Perseus not to bother Medusa
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