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Classical Mythology/The Ancient Sources (http://web.uvic.ca/grs/bowman/myth/)

This is a very handy reference site which contains a convenient grouping of the major gods and goddesses as well as primary sources for each with images. Much of the material is drawn from the Perseus Project.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology (http://www.gzg.fn.bw.schule.de/faecher/links/classic.htm)

This page contains a wealth of links to sites dealing with various subjects on Classical archaeology.

Bronze Age Archaeology

This is a very good reference site for the archaeology of the Aegean. In addition to specific “Lessons” devoted to “Cycladic,” “Minoan,” and “Mycenaean” archaeology, you will find a concise history of the discipline of archaeology in the eastern Mediterreanean.

Quick Tours of Bronze Age Site

Here you will find substantial material on the “Cycladic,” “Minoan,” and “Mycenaean” periods, as well as quick tours of the major sites.

Classical Archaeology Slides

This page contains some useful slides of important sites from various periods.

Iraklion Archaeological Museum

This site, dedicated to Minoan Crete, is useful for investigating the work of Sir Arthur Evans at Cnossus, as well the the lesser known sites at Phaestus and Gournia.

The Minoans

Here is a useful site for further exploration of Minoan culture, including its contact with the Mycenaean world, the practice of bull-leaping, and the arrival of the Dark Ages.

Minoan Crete

Here you will find material dealing with the lesser known sites of Minoan Crete.

Heinrich Schliemann

This page gives a useful biography along with additional links.

Carl Blegen

Put together by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, this site offers a wealth of information on Carl Blegen and his work.


This site, “Project Troia,” is an important online resource for those interested in the ongoing archaeological work at Troy, conducted by teams from the University of Tübingen and the University of Cincinnati.

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