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  1. Who is sometimes said to be the father of Orpheus?
      a. Pan
      b. Zeus
      c. Marsyas
      d. Oeagrus
  2. Which is not a Dionysian element in the story of Orpheus?
      a. He plays a lyre.
      b. He is torn apart.
      c. He descended into the Underworld.
      d. He is associated with maenads.
  3. Who sprang from the cosmic egg in the Orphic cosmology?
      a. Cronus
      b. Adrasteia
      c. Phanes
      d. Zeus
  4. What was the name given to the shedding of the blood of a bull in the rites or Cybele and Attis?
      a. sparagmos
      b. hiera
      c. Mithraea
      d. taurobolium
  5. What term is used to describe the harmonizing of different cults and their myths into some kind of unity?
      a. diffusion
      b. syncretism
      c. affinity
      d. verisimilitude
  6. "According to Vergil, Eurydice's untimely death resulted from:"
      a. a snakebite she suffered while attempting to flee the advances of Aristaeus
      b. "the wrath of Hera, for her succumbing to the seduction of Zeus"
      c. a pact she had made with Hades
      d. a jealous attack by maenads
  7. Orpheus had his origins in:
      a. Asia Minor
      b. Thrace
      c. Sicily
      d. Egypt
  8. Which of the following is said of Orpheus?
      a. He was torn apart by enraged maenads.
      b. He was killed because of Aristaeus.
      c. He was attacked by his Thracian countrymen.
      d. "Having come for Eurydice, he was not allowed to leave Hades."
  9. Which divinity is not associated with the stories of Orpheus?
      a. Apollo
      b. Artemis
      c. Dionysus
      d. Hades
  10. "According to Orphic theogony, the first principle was:"
      a. Gaia
      b. Eros
      c. Chronos
      d. Uranus
  11. "Like Hesiod, the Orphic tradition introduces early on the procreative power of Eros, also called by the Orphics:"
      a. Cupid
      b. Phanes
      c. Aphrodite
      d. Zeus
  12. Which sea-god does Aristaeus consult to learn why his bees have died?
      a. Nereus
      b. Triton
      c. Pontus
      d. Proteus
  13. Which is not a typical feature of mystery cults?
      a. secrecy
      b. initiation
      c. disbelief in an afterlife
      d. revelation
  14. A full account of the initiation into the rites of Isis is given in:
      a. Ovid's Metamorphoses
      b. Hesiod's Theogony
      c. Vergil's Georgics
      d. Apuleius' Metamorphoses
  15. Which Aegean island was home to the cult of the Cabiri?
      a. Delos
      b. Cyprus
      c. Samothrace
      d. Rhodes
  16. Which god is a consort of Dea Syria?
      a. Tammuz
      b. Osiris
      c. Attis
      d. Adonis
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