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Chapter Materials

Myth summaries
Read the summaries of the myths in each chapter of the book, summarized for you here.

Activities provide the opportunity for you to respond to short-answer essay questions about particular points in each chapter. Use them as a way to record notes on important information, or mail completed materials to your professor as a way to check your comprehension.

If you are doing research or just want to know more about the figures and myths in each chapter, then Bibliographies is the section of the site for you. Music, film, and popular and scholarly texts are all listed here, by chapter. Use the table of bibliography abbreviations as a supplementary reference for this section.

Commentaries for each chapter provide a bird’s-eye view of the figures and material in each chapter. Use them as an introduction before you begin reading, or as a tool for reviewing.

Representations in Art
Greek and Roman mythology has provided an immeasurable inspiration to artists since antiquity. This new section, entitled Representations in art, discusses the pervasive influence of mythological themes on the visual arts from antiquity to the present day. From chapters 3 to 26 we highlight the most important contributions to the visual arts inspired by classical mythology. This section also contains hyperlinks to a wide selection of works available for viewing on the web, so that students may study this artistic legacy for themselves. (Chapters 1 and 2, since they are historical and theoretical in nature, are not represented.)

Explore the best websites for resources that correspond to each chapter of the book, including links to the Perseus Project, the digital archive that is the leading site for mythology material.

Do you think you’ve mastered the myths in a chapter? Take an interactive quiz to find out. You’ll get feedback immediately, and you can email the results to yourself or your professor.

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